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What We Do

We co-create transformational learning experiences for connected, inclusive, and resilience workplaces. From tiny interventions in one-off workshops, to strategy and programming to grow team habits, to wholistic retreat intensives, our solutions are built from connection and designed for results.

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Get a taste of what Thrive can do for you with our off-the-shelf virtual workshops:

  • Inclusive Leadership 101

  • Resilient teams

  • BRG Strategy 101


Leaders have a responsibility for the wellbeing of their people: not just their performance. We help you help your people perform AND thrive.

  • Leading with Resilience

  • Resilient teams

  • Team Spark: Lumina Spark for Teams

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Similing Team


We fiercely believe that every human deserves to feel like they belong and empowered in work they love. Our practical solutions to help businesses walk the talk in inclusion:

  • Ally programming

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Resource Groups



We connect leaders to their purpose and their people to help work be fun, fulfilling, and part of a happy and healthy life:

  • Authentic connection in virtual teams

  • Your Inner Spark: Lumina Spark

  • Connected Teams

Team Meeting


The expectations, demands, and culture of the workplace can have devastating effects on peoples wellbeing. Our retreats are wholistic intensive experiences to reset, unwind, and learn strategies for self care, personal resilience, resilient teams, and leading with resilience in a like-minded community.

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